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    Kian's Story


    Since I was a 6-year-old child, I was fascinated with beings who dedicated their life to spiritual growth. When I first heard the stories of Buddha, Zarathustra, and Jesus a cord of longing was struck inside me to go on a spiritual journey myself. Something about a life dedicated to truth made more sense, than what else was offered in the modern world. Even though that was there and I jokingly said that I wanted to become a monk when I grew up, I did not follow that longing for the first 18 years of my life.

    I grew up in Bonn, Germany, went 13 years to a Waldorf school, and lived a not-very eventful youth. Sadly my life was dominated by ways of trying to escape reality through different addictions to substances, screens, and sexualized content. After 18 years I started questioning my suffering. First I found fault with the world, looked into all possible conspiracies, and then I started looking into my own psyche. I started meditation and went to a first healing community event in Schloss Tempelhof in Germany, where I somehow very clearly knew that I was there to look into why I felt so numb towards everything. I had the beautiful experience of being able to cry for the first time again after many years of numbness.

    This was the starting point for my healing journey within a community context.


    After finishing school I was very clear that I wanted to travel to expand my horizons and find myself. I went to New Zealand, where I spent four months in a Vipassana Center, nearly committing to become a monk! My humor-spoken childhood dreams were close to coming to fulfillment. Friends of mine from back then are now monks in Myanmar!

    When I came back to Germany, my parents gave their best to talk me out of my Buddhist dreams, and succeeded!

    Here followed a short period of looking for alternative schooling systems. I felt inside me the vision to participate in a new school form that allows children to grow up while remembering their sacred essence. I visited different places like the Lais School and the Weinberg School in Austria and came to the conclusion I need to heal and learn more myself before I can give something to the youth.


    What I chose then, was to study Economics and Social Responsibility at the alternative "Cusanus" university which had the vision to reform the normal universities that taught economics and philosophy and make it more real. I had a great time in the community there, had some of the most fun dance parties of my life, and started to explore non-violent communication for which I created little practice groups. For the following years I continued meditation, learning more about different traditions, and visiting "Advaita Vedanta" retreats with teachers like Mooji and Rupert Spira.

    Whilst studying I noticed quickly, that economics was not my jam. I was more interested in the social dynamics in the classroom than in the content, so I decided to quit university and start Gestalt therapy training in Freiburg im Breisgau.


    My two years in Freiburg were some of the most beautiful memories in my life. The Gestalt therapy training was a needed healing container for me to connect deeply to my basic needs of connection, acceptance, and being with what is. Further, I co-created a sharing group with people who committed to meeting two times a week to go deeper into their internal processes. Being in a group space with people who are willing to share what's alive inside of them helped me grow a lot of capacities. During that time I visited different communities like Go&Change Gemeinschaft Sulzbrunn and had totally mind and heart-expanding experiences, being sure, to be on the right path to more love and a more fulfilled life.


    Even though there was a lot of beauty in that time a dark shadow of addiction to screens and sexualized content was woven through those years. An even deeper healing was needed for me to stop my destructive habits.


    In my last year in Freiburg, after going through 2 years of Gestalt therapy training, spending more than 100 days in meditation retreats, and exploring different healing and transformational contexts I found Possibility Management. A Path and a Community I felt was including the multidimensionality and complexity of the human experience. The distinctions, processes, and initiations I discovered in Possibility Management have given me a different choice of living the life that I want to live.


    I committed myself to be a Possibilitater, someone who dedicates himself to walking the path of Possibility Management. Living in the awareness that the vast resources of Bright Principles are accessible at every moment, to work through me in the world.


    I am LoveI am Connection.I am IntegrityI am Transformation.I am Discovery.


    Now I am going where my archetypal lineage calls me knowing that I work together with forces that go beyond my comprehension.


    My latest healing adventures brought me to explore different communities in Germany and Canada.

    I stayed for 5 months at Chuckleberry Farm in Canada and got to experience deep layers of coming back home to myself through an ongoing relational field of connection with other explorers in the realm of consciousness.
    And the journey continues!