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    In Every Human Being Dwells An Unlived Dream About Their Life.

    that dream is of unmeasurable value to the interconnected world we live in.


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    Man's Work: 1 on 1 Coaching

    Clarify your vision, learn to feel your feelings, and learn how to create what you want with the help of your feelings.

    Man's work is a necessary foundation for any man who wants to step into their place in the world.

    As men, we need other men who love us enough to be more committed to our commitments than we are. We need men to stand with us, see us where we may not see ourselves, offer clear and precise feedback about where we are actually at, and dare to destroy our fantasies about life that stand in our way to become our authentic selves.

    Many men nowadays are growing up with two choices. Choice one: Become a good boy, suppress the power of the raw feeling of anger, manipulate everyone around you for approval for a fragile ego, and give up on getting in life what you want whilst being a plaything of other people and the world.

    Choice two: destroy and suppress your authentic vulnerable self and any feeling of authentic sadness or fear and join the cold, competitive, and numb lone wolf culture of men exploiting and destroying the planet.

    If you read these statements above and say, "Oh, but that's not me." Read again. Look closely. This is not about judgment or blame. This is meant to reveal an aspect of your psyche that you might seldom look at. We as men have these tendencies inside and to grow up from being an immature man to becoming a Man who takes responsibility for his destiny we need to seriously investigate those facets. This is not a pleasant journey. This is a serious and painful sobering-up journey, but other choices become possible through it. The outcome of this process is not foreseeable and depends on your commitment and a portion of grace.


    All men have this hunger inside for a life that is about something bigger than themselves.

    This life is possible for you. It may take many years to walk the path and might never be completed, but I do not see anything more fulfilling than becoming the Man you are.


    I am on your team for this. If you want support (which I highly recommend daring to ask for) I can support you for parts of the way. I can offer you a clear and powerful container for finding your "x" on your map and for finding the next steps to take on your journey.


    Things I can support you with:

    • Emotional Competence: Learn to feel your feelings and emotions in a constructive way
    • Healing: Address wounds from the past
    • Purpose Work: Discover your vision and destiny
    • Shadow work: Confront your hidden aspects and defenses
    • Relationship Dynamics: Cultivate self and partner space-holding capabilities
    • Authenticity: Learn to stop adapting and be yourself in speech and action
    • Presence Practice: Shift from overthinking to a clear, centered, and present way of being.
    • Connection with God & Gaia: As long as your life is about only you, it's empty. Find again relationship with God and the Earth as ressources for a Spirit lead life.

    Reach out for a get-to-know call where we can see if we are a fit for each other.


    Single Coaching Session 120-150 Euros/Dollar. Packages available according to necessity.



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    Online/Live Men's circle

    Discover who you are as a man, take back your authoritiy, take back your authentic power.

    Men are used to do things on their own. A lot of beliefs, stories, and self-image reasons are subtly woven into man's consciousness. Competition for power, being a leader and putting profit over conscience while exploiting planet Earth, competition for women, trying to be the best man at the cost of other men to be chosen as the superior mate, or adapting around powerful men to stay safe, are just a few of the dynamics men create together in the current predominant culture.

    Some people even believe that a man's uninitiated nature is his true expression of masculinity. Whilst admitting, accepting, and revealing men's inherent tendencies is a powerful step, it is not the end of the journey.


    Something completely else is possible. What if you could walk the earth, feeling deeply connected to the Brotherhood of Men? What if you could channel a fierce love to empower and invoke the best versions of the men around you? What if you could allow yourself to be touched by the essence of God wanting to live in every man to create a better world together and forge deep connection through that?


    Men's Circle is the place where you get the necessary pressure and friction to break through your survival strategies stopping you from experiencing a different life as a different man. Where you learn to be vulnerable with your feelings, to be in an ongoing evolutionary process, and to step into your authentic power.


    If you are interested in joining an ongoing weekly men's group, join for a 1-month trial.

    After that follows a 3-month commitment.

    25-40 euro/dollar per session.


    Reach out with a short message about your intentions of joining!


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    Emotional and Energetic Healing Session

    Unfold layers of your being.

    If you are coming across certain emotional or energetic states, again and again, a healing session can support you in moving beyond the habitual pattern of your survival mechanisms. Emotional Healing Sessions are an essential part of the journey to wholeness. In a healing session, you get to know your different parts, wounds, shadows, and needs that make up your multidimensional self.

    If you are not regularly taking healing sessions you are missing out on a vast resource of growth and healing in your life! Get started today!

    For more information see here.

    Single Session 150-120 Euro/Dollar. Packages available.

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    Gameworld Consultation

    Upgrading your Gameworld to a new paradigm.

    Most of what is happening in interactions between humans is happening in the context of Gameworlds. Any social system persisting of two or more people is a Gameworld. A Company is a Gameworld, a Country is a Gameworld, and a family is a Gameworld. If you do not know about Gameworlds, you are blind to the implications, rules, and unconscious agreements you have made to play in the Gameworlds that you play in.


    Each Gameworld has, conscious or unconscious, a context of how people in it relate to responsibility, in other words; how they are applying their consciousness in action. If you are not aware of the context of your Gameworld you might be participating in furthering the destruction of planet earth (in some way or the other), due to not taking responsibility for the consequenses that are being created in your Gameworld. But do worry! The knowing that you are playing in a Gameworld gives you possibilities and choice. Giving the social construct you navigate in a name makes it possible for you to relate with it in new ways. You can choose to leave existing Gameworlds, let them collapse and compost so new things can be born, or get in contact with an Gameworld Consultant who is skilled in navigating your Gameworld into a liquid state out of which it is possible that a new and upgrade version of your Gameworld emerges.


    If one of those Gameworlds you play in is a company, a school, or an ecovillage community that needs support with discovering where the problems in the company arise, that needs mediation and tools in interhuman processes or that wants to upgrade the thought and feelware of the participants, reach out to me, and let us have a conversation to see if I can help.

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    Rage CLub/Fear Club

    Unlock the power of your conscious anger/your conscious fear.

    Anger and fear are in our culture mostly stigmatized as bad and wrong feelings. Living like that you might have twisted yourself into a knot with seeing no way out of your suffering. Shifting out of the labeling of these feelings as something wrong is a process that takes time and practice. This is what Rage Club and Fear Club is for!


    Here you will discover that anger and fear are neutral sources of information for your life. If you allow yourself to feel, you get access to a vast amount of resources that weren't accessible before. You get access to what you care about and are scratching at the door to the archetypal domains of the warrior/ess and the wizard/ess.


    Rage Club & Fear Club can happen in live workshops & online.

    Reach out to hear about upcoming events or if you want to organize an event/festival with Rage/Fear workshops.

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    Free Consultation Call

    Lets get to know each other!

    You can see this as a free coaching call. You will find clarity about what you want and what your next steps are. For me, this call is also a chance to find out if you have the commitment it needs to make a change in your life.

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