• In every human being dwells an unlived dream about their life.

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    Your dream about your life is of unmeasurable value to the interconnected world we live in.

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    3 Month Transformational Journey 1 : 1

    Clarify your vision, learn to feel your feelings, learn how to create what you want with the help of your feelings.

    Do you feel stuck or powerless to do and create what you want?

    In this journey of 12 meetings, you will discover the depth and clarity of your Vision. A bright vision will lead you the way. You will learn about what's stopping you from realizing your vision and you will find ways to use the power of your feelings to do and create what you want.

    6 Month Diving Deep 1 : 1

    Discover your essence, walk through your underworld, live your life from your core.

    You don't feel fulfilled with your life? Are you looking for the great reset? Do you want to start a new life?

    These 6 months will change your standing in the world. You will face your greatest fears, pains, and sorrows and your greatest joys and pleasures. You will discover how your unconscious underworld is running your life and how truly loving you are at your core. You will go through the healing processes that are needed for you to become more and more of yourself. You will learn the tools and distinctions to create relationships and projects that are aligned with your innermost truth.

    4 Weeks Rage Club Series

    Discover the power of your conscious rage, take back your authoritiy, take back your voice.

    This is a journey you take together with a group of experimenters. We will meet for 4 weeks once a week for 2 1/2 hours. You will move out of the old map of feelings and enter the new territory in which feeling your feelings is allowed. You will dive into the power and clarity your anger provides. You will take back your center, learn to say no, learn to say stop, learn to say and ask what you want. Take a stand for what is important for you and connect to your inner warriores/earth guardian.

    3 Month Meditation Course

    Learn the powerful tool of meditation to gain clarity, reduce steess and become more resilient.

    Do you want to start a meditation practice but don't know what and how to practice?

    The value of meditation has entered the understanding of the broader masses. But still, the minority is using this tool efficiently. Having someone experienced by your side can help you avoid common pitfalls along the path you will be supported in developing the discipline that is needed to make your practice a part of your life you don't want to miss out on. You will learn to navigate within yourself with different tools into more clarity, openness, and altered states of consciousness.

    Free Consultation Call

    Lets get to know each other!

    You can see this as a free coaching call, you will find clarity about what you want and what your next steps are. For me, this call is also a chance to find out if you have the commitment it needs to make a change in your life.

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  • Kian's Story

    We as humans have the ability and the liking of creating stories. Stories about the world, about others and oneself. What all of these stories have in common is that they are entirely made up. Nothing can ever come close to fully describing the miracle of the 2 cells that have become intelligent life that has the potential for being aware of itself and has the capability of actively expanding its consciousness beyond what it knew before. Have that in mind while reading my story.

    I grew up in Bonn, Germany. After going through school and some years of trying to fit into university I decided to walk my own path.

    During that time I lost my way many times. I struggled and still sometimes struggle with the package I am carrying of old unfelt and suppressed emotions, with the scars I got growing up in modern culture. I used to numb myself to get away from the pain I feel in front of a tv or with porn.


    Now I discovered a path to work, feel and unfold myself into what I am here to be and do.

    After years of seeking and going through 2 years of Gestalt therapy training, spending overall more than 100 days in meditation retreats, and exploring different healing and transformational contexts I found Possibility Management. A Path and a Community I feel at home with. The distinctions, processes, and initiations I discovered in Possibility Management have given me a different choice of how I can live together with others. I use a lot of tools and understandings from this rich source for the coaching I offer.

    I committed myself to be a Possibilitater, someone who dedicates himself to walking the path of Possibility Management. Living in the awareness that something completely different is possible in every moment. A different way of being, acting, relating, speaking, listening.


    And much has changed. I got aware that I have an underworld and if I am not knowing what is going on in my underworld, it is ruling my life. With the growing awareness of my darkness, the light became more visible as well.
    I am capable of jacking into bright principles which can do their work through me in the world:


    I am Love
    I am Connection.
    I am Integrity
    I am Transformation.
    I am Discovery.


    Now I am going where my archetypal lineage calls me knowing that I work together with forces that go beyond my comprehension.

    Join me on this adventurous journey!


  • Testimonials

    Thats what the amazing people I worked with say.

    Oliver Arnold

    Consultant for Development Cooporations and Coach

    I know Kian as a friend and also as a colleague. He has, again and again, inspired me and brought new impulses to my life, so I got curious to work with him as a Coach. We worked on finding the clarity and energy for creating a project that’s really dear to me. In a series of sessions, we discovered different situations in my past, where I disempowered myself and took decisions that were still blocking me today. We went through highly energetic processes in which I could take back my energy and my authority to go forward. With that, I found new clarity, but most importantly it feels that some things in my being shifted so that I can move more freely towards where I want to go.

    Anna Klingler

    Master of Science and Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Training

    I can highly recommend Kian's coachings. He is really dedicated to work with the essence of life's experiences and supports you in your processes towards a more deliberate life. I enjoyed meeting myself and my deepest emotions led by him. Treat yourself! ;)

    Isabelle Babte

    Musician, feministic clay transformative artist

    Insta: @terra.belle.keramik
    I am really grateful for the change Kian's Coaching invited into my life.
    Working with Kian gave literally a boost to my healing journey.
    The sessions helped me to find clarity about my feelings and the way they want to be expressed.
    He helped me with putting attention to some strategies I’ve developed when I was younger that are not serving me anymore.
    Through his powerful presence, knowledge, and techniques, I was able to go really deep, feel and unfold parts of me that wanted to be felt and seen.
    Until now I can work with the tools I’ve learned from him and I’m much more kind to myself with accepting my feelings and creating space for them in my daily life.
    Each session was adapted to my needs and current situation.
    Kian was fully there, supportive, nonjudgemental. Through this I felt safe.
    I highly recommend working with Kian. Each session with him is absolutely worth it.

    Thank you so much for having crossed my way and the light that you brought into my healing journey.

    Benedikt B.


    Die Räume die Kian für mich gehalten hat, habe ich als wach, liebevoll, intim und klar erlebt.
    Die Liebe, die Kian in den Raum bringt, macht es mir leicht mich zu öffnen. Besonders die Verbindung zwischen meinem physischem Körper zu meinen Gefühlen erlebe ich besonders stark und heilsam.

    Sein Augenmerk auf die Sprache gibt mir wertvolles Feedback.

  • Your heart's dream comes from something greater within you.

    Connect to your archetypal lineage.

    Create a life that serves your archetypal lineage and find out what's stopping you so far.


    Something greater than your ideas of yourself wants to come forth through you and wants to give your life meaning and purpose. And something within you does everything in its power to prevent you from doing it. Find the ruler of your unconscious underworld and take back your authority to create the life you want.

    Are you working as a manager in a leadership position or as a therapist in transformational environments?

    No matter if you are a CEO, working as a Manager, as a Therapist, Coach, or as a Teacher. The skills that all these areas need are to be able to work with human relationships and to create a context in which personal self-empowered evolution can happen.


    Most of the old models of leadership, teaching, even therapy or coaching still belittle the importance of feelings for human relationships and development. Feelings still have this connotation of just being in the way, just something to get over with.


    What you will discover is that feeling your feelings is the source of your power, clarity, and wisdom of what matters most to you, where to go, and what to do.

    You will take a step out of the old predominant culture of numbness and start playing in the game that already thousands of people joined, the game of feeling your feelings to create new, sustainable world humans can thrive in.

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