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    Thats what the amazing people I worked with say.

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    Oliver Arnold

    Consultant for Development Cooporations and Coach

    I know Kian as a friend and also as a colleague. He has, again and again, inspired me and brought new impulses to my life, so I got curious to work with him as a Coach. We worked on finding the clarity and energy for creating a project that’s really dear to me. In a series of sessions, we discovered different situations in my past, where I disempowered myself and took decisions that were still blocking me today. We went through highly energetic processes in which I could take back my energy and my authority to go forward. With that, I found new clarity, but most importantly it feels that some things in my being shifted so that I can move more freely towards where I want to go.

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    Anna Klingler

    Master of Science and Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Training

    I can highly recommend Kian's coachings. He is really dedicated to work with the essence of life's experiences and supports you in your processes towards a more deliberate life. I enjoyed meeting myself and my deepest emotions led by him. Treat yourself! ;)

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    Isabelle Babte

    Musician, feministic clay transformative artist


    Insta: @terra.belle.keramik


    I am really grateful for the change Kian's Coaching invited into my life.
    Working with Kian gave literally a boost to my healing journey.
    The sessions helped me to find clarity about my feelings and the way they want to be expressed.
    He helped me with putting attention to some strategies I’ve developed when I was younger that are not serving me anymore.
    Through his powerful presence, knowledge, and techniques, I was able to go really deep, feel and unfold parts of me that wanted to be felt and seen.
    Until now I can work with the tools I’ve learned from him and I’m much more kind to myself with accepting my feelings and creating space for them in my daily life.
    Each session was adapted to my needs and current situation.
    Kian was fully there, supportive, nonjudgemental. Through this I felt safe.
    I highly recommend working with Kian. Each session with him is absolutely worth it.

    Thank you so much for having crossed my way and the light that you brought into my healing journey.

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    Benedikt B.


    Die Räume die Kian für mich gehalten hat, habe ich als wach, liebevoll, intim und klar erlebt.
    Die Liebe, die Kian in den Raum bringt, macht es mir leicht mich zu öffnen. Besonders die Verbindung zwischen meinem physischem Körper zu meinen Gefühlen erlebe ich besonders stark und heilsam.

    Sein Augenmerk auf die Sprache gibt mir wertvolles Feedback.

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    Will Franks


    “a life fully lived is a continuous freefall into the unknown

    “Kian’s Rage Club was nothing short of transformative for me.


    A deep and beautiful journey with an incredible group of men, into the absolute gold mine that is conscious anger.


    Without this anger, how can we expect to build lives of our own choosing, and not serve someone else’s games? And how can we expect to stop using anger unconsciously and destructively?


    With great care and love, Kian creates spaces of powerful healing, authenticity, and evolution. If you are ready to find your inner clarity, to come to your edge and activate the unstoppable warrior energy within you, then stop hesitating and GO! Sign up now and don’t look back!


    I’m so grateful that I took this step for myself and for the people I love.”

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    Sage BErret

    Mentor, and group facilitator


    I am grateful I stepped over my resistance and misconceptions to sign up for a Nelson Rage Club. Participating opened a greater depth of self-expression, particularly in challenging situations. The coaching on holding a healthy space in the presence of anger, expressing anger in a way that may more deeply connect rather than separate, and harnessing the power of what we really care about was invaluable. I left both times I attended feeling much more enlivened and in touch with a wider range of possibility. I encourage you to attend a Rage Club, whether you have a lot of anger or rarely feel angry. There is much to explore in a safe, well-held space.