• Your heart's dream comes from something greater

    Connect to your archetypal lineage.

    Create a life that serves your archetypal lineage and find out what's stopping you so far.


    something greater than your limited ideas of yourself wants to come through to give your life meaning and purpose.

    something within you does everything in its power to prevent you from doing it. Find the ruler of your unconscious underworld and take back your authority to create the life you want.

    My specialties in support for you are:


    - Find what your calling is: connect with your soul's purpose. This can not be forced, you need to be at the door to discover it, and possibly other things need to be healed first.


    - Re-connecting to the essence of people who passed away: When someone dies, the old relationship with them also needs to die. To grieve and untangle all the knots that were created while they were
    alive takes some time, and to have a held space in that is a healing experience.


    - Emotional Healing Processes: Feelings are for handling things, emotions are for healing things.
    Whenever you find yourself having fear, anger, sadness, or joy for more than 3 minutes about something, what you feel is not a feeling but an emotion, meaning an incomplete feeling from the past. During an EHP you
    can follow that emotion back to where it started, feel it in it's fullness, see the decisions you made in the past that still influence your life now, and when you are ready for it make a new
    the decision to put your life on new tracks.


    - Anger/ Fear work: When you are new to feelings work, it can be beneficial to start with
    anger practices. Anger is one of the most suppressed and stigmatized feelings and
    with freeing it up and learning to feel it again, space is created inside of you to feel your other feelings as well.


    - Parts work: Discover that you have different parts. Parts that have different commitments
    can create friction and conflict in your life. When you learn to listen
    to your different parts, and by understanding each part's needs and
    purpose you can dissolve internal war and have more compassion and
    understanding for yourself.


    - Shadow work: This is one of the most unpleasant works you will do on your path. In
    this work, you will look into your underworld. Find how you manipulate
    people, attack your friends, betray your partner in small ways, play the
    superior, use arrogance or competition to destroy connections, and avoid
    responsibility for your actions. This is a painful look into the
    reality of your life and the consequences you create. Many traditions
    bypass the shadow work (spiritual bypassing) but to take responsibility
    for your life you will need to look at these aspects of your humanity as

    - Starting from here and now: Healing is not something to be planned by the mind. You can just come
    to the session without knowing what you want to look at. The space and
    the connection will bring up the parts of you that need healing.


    If any of that sparks your interest reach out and let's have a chat! We
    will have a short 15-minute conversation to sense into the
    possibility of working with each other and in the end decide it.